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1. No more advertisements! This site used to display a few advertisements from Google Adsense here and there to help defray the cost of its maintenance but I found that they slowed down the loading of the pages considerably so I have decided to get rid of all the advertisements. The loading of the pages should be a bit faster as a result (except for the pages where there are embedded videos).
2. This site is "Not secure"? In case you are using Google's browser Chrome you might suddenly see a message warning you that This site is not secure. Don't believe a word of it! The reason is that Google, in trying to protect internet-users from fraud by unscrupulous sites, takes the easy way out by forcing ALL websites (if they want to avoid the "Not secure" warning) into taking out an SSL certificate which allows an encrypted connection between a user and a website's server and is imperative where sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details are typed on a web page (which is not the case here). It also entitles a website's URL to begin with https:// instead of just http://
It is not a problem for me to comply, except that it will mean a further expenditure of 50 USD every year* to buy this certificate from my webhosting company. As this website is not sponsored by any company and is completely free (and intends to remain so), it will not be fair to ask me to dig further into my pockets just to please Google. So I am afraid you will have to bear with this ridiculous warning and just laugh it off. This site is "not secure"? You must be joking, Google!
Thanks for reading. - GPJ (Webmaster/Owner)

*In fact as I have two sub-domains besides the main domain it would come to an additional 150 USD in all every year just to have the https:// prefix.

Learn Chinese Pinyin - An Introduction